Welcome to Advanced Chiropractic, where we take pride in offering the most comprehensive chiropractic services available. Our professional team of chiropractors have been serving Temple TX and the surrounding areas since 2003. Expect only the best chiropractor services here at Advanced Chiropractic.

Our chiropractic care Temple TX facility is one of the busiest clinics around the area. We help treat thousands of patients each month. From babies to patients well over their nineties. Our chiropractic care services have succeeded in providing positive results where other medical and chiropractic practices have not.

As a family chiropractor Temple TX practice we do not prescribe medications to treat pain but aim to adjust the body so it can start healing itself. We use therapies that manage pain including exercise and massage as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Every member of the family can benefit from our treatments.

As the leading spinal rehabilitation Temple TX facility we know for a fact that lots of patients suffer from chronic back pain and with little relief in sight. If you find yourself giving up activities that you love to do or rearranging your life around the chronic pain you feel, visit us for the best spinal rehabilitation treatments that offer long lasting results.

Accidents, poor posture, unhealthy lifestyle and occupational hazards lead to all sorts of spinal injuries. At Advanced Chiropractic we offer top-notch spinal care that is non-invasive and patient centered. Our focus of care centers on rehabilitation of the spine as well as the joints and muscles.

Visit the leading Temple Chiropractor for the best in pain mitigation treatments without medications. Call us today at (254) 778-2225.

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