Leading Chiropractic Care in Temple and Belton TX


Advanced Chiropractic is one of the leading chiropractic care clinics, serving the Temple and Belton, Texas areas since 2003. We are proud to provide the most comprehensive chiropractic care services offered in the Temple, Belton, and surrounding area. Over the years we have become the busiest clinic in central Texas helping thousands of patients each month, ranging from new born babies to patients well into their nineties. Even better, many of our patients have achieved positive results where other medical and chiropractic care systems had failed.

Trauma to the spine can be caused by slipping and falling, picking up a heavy item the wrong way, sporting injuries, car accidents, and injuries resulting from heavy work. The pain that results from these injuries can be debilitating and keep you from enjoying the activities you love. The experienced Chiropractors at Advanced Chiropractic provide chiropractic care to not only relieve your pain but also improve your overall health and confidence.

How Does Chiropractic Care Heal The Body?

You’ll hear the words “manipulation” and “adjustment” to describe how a chiropractor carries out their treatment. Often, people consult chiropractors for lower back pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. The object of the exercise is to release pressure on the disc/joints/muscles/ligaments/tendons at the root of the pain.

Let’s say you have pain in your right shoulder blade. It’s difficult to draw in a deep breath let alone move your right arm normally. One of our chiropractors will take a complete medical history, perform and exam and get x-rays of your spine to find the source of your problem, and then prescribe a program of care using the best technique for your body

Now, the misalignment has been corrected and pain can’t radiate anywhere. The shoulder blades and spine around the lung muscles have no pressure put on them. They no longer hurt. You can draw in a deep breath and move your right arm all around. This is an example of how chiropractic care heals the body.

A Naturally Healed Body

Although we as chiropractors can’t prescribe medications for pain, we can adjust the body so that it can begin to heal itself. In addition, we often use therapies to manage pain, as well as exercise and massage to manage pain, as well as exercise and diet to aid in lifestyle changes. Combining these treatments results in a naturally healed body. Feel free to call or text us for an appointment to learn more!