Dr. Jeff Schels

I’d given up and thought that I’d have to live with the pain.

Let me tell you what happened. After I got out of the Navy in 1992, I used the G.I. Bill to go to college. I was attending the University of Wisconsin-EauClaire. At the time, I was studying to be a geologist. To burn off some nervous energy the night before a particularly difficult final exam, I went for a run with my roommate. As we were running at the school track we came upon a sand-pit where the school track team practices their running long jumps. Being competitive young men we decided to challenge each other to see who could jump the farthest. I landed awkwardly while jumping and immediately had incredible low back pain.

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Dr. Jason Raesz

Temple Texas ChiropractorWhen I was twelve years old, I was five years into my baseball career and experiencing some inhibiting elbow pain.

My parents took my younger brother and me to a chiropractor for treatment; I was diagnosed with tendonitis and successfully treated in a timely manner. I continued to play baseball through a four year stint at the college level. I never forgot about chiropractic and utilized a local chiropractor to help treat various injuries I sustained over the years.

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